Our WeWould Centers are built to create cannabis friendly retail commercial spaces which attract a niche audience in the health and wellness industry.

Commercial Space for Cannabis-Aligned Businesses

Health-Centric Customer Experience

WeWould develops proper co-tenancy for your dispensaries by providing cannabis-aligned, health and wellness businesses access to surrounding commercial spaces on our properties.

WeWould recognizes that dispensaries are destination retail, attracting a broad range of loyal consumers. We provide cannabis-aligned brands and businesses commercial space to leverage an existing valuable target audience with frequently repeated foot traffic.

Suitable Cannabis Co-Tenants


Health-Centric Shopping Experience

We develop our commercial properties to culture a Health-Centric Shopping Experience. Catering to Dual-Trip Shoppers who share similar interests in the health and wellness industry.


Commercial Buildout Services

We offer our tenants commercial buildout services to complete their business launch on schedule and within compiance. WeWould’s partners with you to offer ongoing property management services.


One-Stop Shop

As a REIT, we can provide tenants under long-term, triple-net leases, access to capital for lease buildouts and ongoing improvements.


Contact Us.

Are you looking for a space in a high foot traffic commercial space? From restaurants to wellness centers and smoothie shops, you will find yourself welcome in our properties. Send us an inquiry below.