In 2018, Stadlen Family Holdings (SFH) started WeWould, our cannabis-focused private equity REIT division. WeWould is a capital provider focused on acquiring, developing, and leasing back real estate to cannabis license holders and other cannabis-aligned tenants.

How We Came To Be

Upon the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Florida, Stadlen Family Holdings recognized the newly-arrived industry’s struggles as related to real estate and capital requirements. Bringing over 50 years of experience in real estate development, in 2018 SFH formalized a new division: WeWould, our cannabis-focused private equity REIT.

WeWould’s goal to provide investors with well-invested and diversified portfolios in high-yielding investments, monumentally confirmed our decision to provide good by building high-quality, technologically-advanced, and ethically-responsible infrastructure that gives our community access to safe and regulated cannabis.

WeWould strives to nurture a positive and welcoming sense to the cannabis industry by providing operators and their consumers alike, highly functional and well-equipped commercial spaces where to conduct business soundly.

Our Mission

We endeavor to grow our cannabis-focused portfolio through select tenant partnerships and a disciplined acquisition acumen which in turns allows us to provide market rate tenancy over the long term.

It’s About Relationships

Focusing on the long-term, we endeavor to provide for all real estate aspects of an expanding MSO. We remain flexible to be your “one-stop” real estate partner.

Contact Us.

We literally move Earth so your company can reach Heaven. Contact us to learn how a 50+ year old Florida based developer consistently realizes win-win projects for all of their stakeholders.